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Complete Carpet Care of Louisville KY is located at 2817 Del Rio Place, Ste #1 Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, Complete Carpet Care has 20 employees and six professional carpet cleaning and installation crews. We are big enough to handle even the largest carpet cleaning jobs, yet small enough to care about ensuring our carpet cleaning customers receive the personalized, professional carpet cleaning service they deserve. Our owner takes great pride in working with our carpet cleaning customers in Louisville to give them the peace of mind in dealing with a professional carpet cleaning company.

All CCC employees are insured and bonded. Complete Carpet Care has an exhaustive employment process to ensure our employees deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. Employees are subject to extensive pre-employment background checks, and monthly drug testing.

All employees are uniformed, and provide the finest quality service available. Our technicians always go the “extra mile” to ensure you are happy. We will do whatever it takes to make you smile! Click here to view our Carpet Cleaning Services.