Carpet Stretching


Carpet can develop wrinkles that need to be repaired for several reasons. While poor carpet installation is a common factor in developing carpet wrinkles, there are actually many factors that cause carpet to become worn and need replacing or repairing. Many times, customers across Louisville KY have determined that their carpet simply needs to be replaced when wrinkles appear or worsen. Sometimes, this is not necessary and by simply stretching or “power stretching” the existing carpet, you can save thousands of dollars in replacing your carpet.

Complete Carpet Care of Louisville KY takes great care to stretch our own carpet installations properly, ensuring that carpet stretching is usually not needed for the life of the carpet installation. However, we know that many customers have carpet wrinkles that need to be repaired and we are experts in repairing and stretching carpet to renew the life of your carpet, saving you money.

Carpet is meant to be stretched tight. Very tight! Once a loose carpet begins to form a ripple, it needs to be stretched. As you walk on a carpet ripple, it moves up and down far more than it should. As the loose carpet moves up and down it loosens up even more. Carpet stretching is critical to ensuring the carpet doesn’t become damaged beyond repair, not to mention the displeasing look and potential trip hazards associated with loose carpet.

Carpet stretching is a very common carpet repair task. Carpet stretching is simple in theory: it involves pulling up the edges of the carpet, re-stretching the carpet so it’s properly taught, trimming any excess, and securing the carpet. But in reality, carpet stretching is a considerably involved process, involving specific carpet stretching tools and proper technique to actually accomplish a successful carpet stretch job. Complete Carpet Care of Louisville KY will stretch your carpet right the first time and back it up with our 100% unconditional unlimited lifetime labor guarantee. Below are some of the carpet stretching and carpet repair services offered by Complete Carpet Care of Louisville KY:

  • Carpet stretching (bubbles or waves in carpet)
  • Carpet repairing & patching (holes, burns, tears, rips, stains)
  • Replacing worn carpet on stairs
  • Fixing squeaky floors
  • Replacing carpet pad
  • Sealing the floor from previous pet stains
  • Carpet seam repairs
  • Replacing carpet metal thresholds
  • Carpet berber snags
  • Carpet & rug binding
  • Re-installing flooded carpet
  • Carpet tuck to Tile and Hardwood
  • Fast, Easy, Hassle Free, Lifetime Guarantee!